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Credit Management Workgroup


The prime goal of the DTA Credit Management program is to provide DTA manufacturing credit professional members, who do business with domestic & international dental distributors and dental labs, with a forum to participate in the confidential exchange of credit information, to discuss issues, and network with their peers. 

  • Dealer Account Status Report (DASR): Contributing members provide monthly or quarterly AR summarized aging reports to a DTA staff member that compiles the data for monthly distribution.  The DASR report provides consolidated monthly AR information and AR history for payment trending purposes. The DASR is a powerful tool for assistance in making credit decisions on new or existing customers, reviewing credit lines and the aging history data will keep members informed on the payment trends of their customers.
  • Member Participation: The workgroup is looking for more members to contribute to this useful and comprehensive DASR report and to attend meetings to share and learn more about their customers such as key contact information, payment issues and to benefit from the educational sessions.
  • Speakers: This workgroup hosts a wide array of speakers to address credit & collections topics of interest as well as industry compliance, fraud preventive guidelines, becoming a better negotiator, legal issues preventing companies from securing assets from distributors in default and identifying the legal rights of manufacturers with outstanding unpaid invoices.
  • Meetings: The workgroup meets in February in Chicago during the CDS Midwinter Meeting and occasionally holds meetings at dealer facilities.  Current and factual credit experiences are shared during the DASR review for the current period.  Exchanging accurate information assists each member to individually be able to make competent and realistic credit decisions on a customer’s account. 
  • Confidentiality:  Due to the sensitive nature, all information shared is confidential and abides within antitrust guidelines established for credit industries. The credit information exchanged is not discussed outside of a member’s credit department or shared with any other departments within a member’s organization.
Chair: Sharon McQuirns
Liaisons: Denise Bundy and Anna Adelman