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2017 Annual Meeting Makes Fundamental Progress

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Nearly 300 Dental Trade Alliance members gathered in Florida for the 2017 DTA Annual Meeting where they gained valuable insight from the expanded networking time, were inspired by the great lineup of speakers and learned the ins and outs of making progress in today’s competitive environment.

This year's line-up of speakers was on the mark with addressing the Fundamental Progress theme. From Peter Sheahan's remarks on using the principles of awareness, acceptance and action to achieve real-time engagement with customers to James Kane's insights into building real customer loyalty to Bonin Bough's evangelism on mobile connectivity as the future to connect and engage with consumers to Mel Robbins' five second rule techniques on focusing on the things that really matter from work to one's personal life, each speaker touched on moving forward toward success.

“Peter Sheahan provided his insights on accelerating growth in the face of disruption and change,” said DTA President and CEO Gary Price. “Providing detailed case studies, Peter showed how some companies will ignore signs of change and react too late, while successful companies will be aware of change and disruption, accept its existence and take action to provide new, differentiated value to the consume to address the disruption. As Peter said, make changes not because they will hurt if you don’t, but because they will be magnificent if you do! Meanwhile, Bonin Bough shared his views on how technology, especially in the communication space is changing how we live and interact and leading to new levels of digital fluency. Because of this, digital fluency innovation is accelerating and fostering an environment where we’re creating value by breaking things, whether it’s breaking from tradition, process, or the usual way. It is what Bonin calls hackonomy. Bonin went on to give examples of companies hacking markets with new ways to engage consumers in real time with interactive media and products to hacking internal corporate cultures by collaborating with start-up entrepreneurs to bring in new thoughts and ways to look at your market.”

The sixth annual Women in Business Network event was once again a huge success. The group enjoyed a wine pairing dinner and discussion Monday evening followed by a presentation by Judi Holler on The Art of Being Unexpected: How to Blow Minds and Stay Relevant. She offered easy action items and provided a tool box via email to each attendee that included book recommendations, must watch TED Talks, quotes and more. Then, the group hopped on beach cruisers and biked through Ponte Vedra.

Also, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy several optional activities and to pose for complimentary professional headshots for our member attendees and guests which was greatly appreciated and popular.

Of course, we couldn’t have had such a successful annual meeting without the support of our generous sponsors.