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2018 Future Trends Forum: Dental Support Organizations (DSOs)

Future Trends Forum Provided In-Depth Look at DSOs

DTA hosted its annual Future Trends Forum Feb. 21 where members gained insights about Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) and how this practice model is functioning in the dental market.

Association of Dental Support Organizations Executive Director Chris Vranas; Affordable Care LLC Vice Chairman Doug Brown; Dentistry 4 Children Chairman Frank Baynham; Affordable Care Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Charlie Zasso; and Tru Family Dental Executive Chairman Naimish Patel offered their insights during the forum and answered members’ questions.

The three-hour seminar, which included lunch and networking time, provided an in-depth view of:

  • The varieties of DSO models that exist.
  • How DSOs see their role in the dental provider market.
  • Myths about how DSOs operate and are structured.
  • How they approach dental product procurement and the criteria used to select products and vendors.

Several key points that stood out from the presentations:

  1. 10,000 U.S. dentists and 4,800 U.S. dental practices are supported by 57 ADSO member organizations.
  2. By law, dentists must own and operate their practices. DSOs provide non-clinical business support.
  3. The key factors for DSOs in selecting vendors are price, existing relationship with a history of successful performance, established presence and strong reputation, manufacturing and distribution capabilities, service team for order fulfillment, quality and customer service issues, financial stability and respect paid to the value of the DSO’s procurement person’s time.
  4. Doctor owners, DSO clinical support, operations, and procurement teams all participate in the product decision process.

The Future Trends Forum is held each year prior to the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and presents an in-depth look at issues that are important to the dental manufacturer and supplier community. We look forward to seeing you at the Future Trends Forum next year.