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2018 Mini-Dental School® West

Mini-Dental School® West Students Were All Smiles for Hands On Training

Event Date: 
April 16, 2018 to April 17, 2018

Twenty DTA members received hands-on dental training during the April 16-17 Mini-Dental School® West at the University of Colorado, School of Dental Medicine.

“Mini-Dental School® taught me so much about the practice of dentistry and helped me better understand the challenges dentists and their staff face every day,” said Patterson Dental Director of Sales Enablement Karen Scott. “Being new to the dental industry, this knowledge is incredibly valuable to me as I work with sales and marketing professionals who support dentists and their practices.”

During the April 16-17 Mini-Dental School® West, participants enjoyed the program overall, but specifically enjoyed the hands-on sessions. During the first day, the hands-on session focused on restorative work and hygiene. However, on day two they were provided an opportunity to perform a root canal as well as radiography.

The Mini-Dental School® programs are member favorites and getting a spot in the limited attendee roster is always coveted. The programs offer an excellent overview of trends in the dental industry, fundamental aspects of the specialties, and important terminology. DTA members experience classroom and hands-on training sessions to help them understand the challenges facing dental practitioners