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DTA Foundation Grant Chat - Research to Combat Mucositis for Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

University College of Dental Medicine Arizona has launched a program to provide a clinical alternative to opioid and topical anesthetics for the prevention and/or reduction of oral mucositis. This program will bring enormous benefits to patients and cancer centers—thanks to your generous donations to fund a $25,000 DTA Foundation grant.>

Recently, we sat down with Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine Arizona Dean Brad Smith, DDS, and Doug Beals, DDS, to find out more about the program and how others can implement a similar one.


What is your ultimate goal with this program?

That all cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy will be spared pain, suffering or oral mouth sores caused from their treatment.

How will having the DTA Foundation grant help you meet that goal?

DTA is providing the impetus and funding to get the research and marketing off the ground. The grant will also help to develop patient brochures that can be used around the country.

How will this program help to improve oral health in your area?

Using photobiomodulation is a safe alternative for helping reduce or eliminate painful mouth sores for patients in our area undergoing or beginning to undergo cancer treatments.

What advice would you give others considering implementing a program like yours?

There is a lot of red tape to have all of the legal counsel and IRB boards make sure everything is done correctly. This takes time and energy. Working with two or more different entities also takes time to move through the boards of each group. So plan for a slow process.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the donors who make the DTA Foundation grants possible?

Thank you! Donations like this are extremely valuable to help non-profits advance new ideas in helping patients across the country.