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Board of Directors

The DTA Foundation Board is comprised of representatives from DTA member companies.  The Board Chairman serves for a term of two years, while directors can serve for up to two three year terms.  The CEO of the Dental Trade Alliance serves as secretary to foster cooperation and communication between the DTA and DTA Foundation.   All board members are identified and recruited by the nominating committee.

Executive Committee

bob savage
Chairman Vice Chairman  Treasurer*
George Wolfe
DMG America, LLC
Rick Cohen
Benco Dental Company
Lorene Kent
Belmont Publications


Immediate Past Chairman Secretary Executive Director*
Paul Hinsch
Hinsch Produces LLC
Gary Price
Dental Trade Alliance
Laura Fleming Doyle
DTA Foundation



Term to 2019

Nicolle Campion
Zirc Company
1st Term
Kevin Thomas
Elevate Oral Care
2nd Term
Daniel Thomas
W&H North America
2nd Term
Joseph Persichetti
Bank of America Practice Solutions
1st Term
Daniel Dixon
Kavo Kerr Group
1st Term

Term to 2020


Alex Miller
Meisinger USA
2nd Term
Karen Neiner
1st Term

Tim Rogan
Patterson Dental Supply
1st Term

Rob Cherkas
Parkway Dental
1st Term

Liz Meyers
Darby Dental Supply
1st Term

Term to 2021


Dan Garrick
Young Innovations
2nd Term
Steve Knight
Crown Seating, LLC
2nd Term
Eric Wenzel
3M Oral Care
1st Term

*Not a Director