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In order to accomplish the DTA Foundation's mission, the Board of Directors has created six committees to help DTA fulfill its core functions: fundraising, disbursement of funds to promising programs and/or individuals, and maintaining relations with allied organizations.

Executive Committee

Chair:  George Wolfe
Members:  Rick Cohen, Lorene Kent, Paul Hinsch, Gary Price, and Laura Doyle

The Executive Committee oversees personnel, budget, finances, governance, strategy and execution.  They act on behalf of the board between board meetings, formulate a budget and produce the Annual Report.

Nominating Committee

Chair:  Paul Hinsch
Members:  George Wolfe, Rick Cohen, Lorene Kent, and Gary Price

The Nominating Committee identifies and recommends new board members, and proposes a slate of officers each year.

Finance Committee

Chair:  Lorene Kent
Members:  Rick Cohen, Paul Hinsch, George Wolfe, Gary Price, and Laura Doyle

The Finance Committee monitors operational finances, establishes the annual budget, and develops periodic year end projection reports.

Investment Committee

Chair:  Alex Miller
Members:  Rick Cohen, Kevin Thomas, Gary Price, and Laura Doyle

The Investment Committee manages the Foundation's investments, recommends investment policies, and monitors financial health.

Grants Committee

Chair:  Dan Garrick
Members:  Rick Cohen, Dan Thomas, Kevin Thomas, Steve Knight, Karen Neiner, and Dushanka Kleinman (Santa Fe Group Rep)

The Grants Committee solicits funding proposals, determines grant allocations, maintains on-going relationships with past grant recipients and investigates new ways to create value aligned with the DTA Foundation mission.

Fundraising Committee

Chair:  Paul Hinsch
Members:  All DTA Foundation Board Members

The Fundraising Committee executes an annual fundraising campaign, reports pledges, recognizes contributors, and organizes any events where the DTA Foundation honors donors or Foundation accomplishments.

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Lori Paulson
Members:  Joe Persichetti, Dan Dixon, Tim Rogan, Linda Niessen (Santa Fe Group Rep), and Keith Drayer (Shils Foundation Rep)

The Scholarship Committee reviews all scholarship criteria and application requirements annually, conducts the application review process, and selects scholarship recipients.

Auction Committee

Members:  Lori Paulson, Alex Miller, Dan Thomas, Nicolle Campion

The Auction Committee solicits item donations to be bid on, monitors and encourages bidding during the silent auction.