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Congratulations to all of the 2019 DTA Foundation Grant Recipients! For the full list of recipients, click here


The 2020 DTA Foundation Preliminary Grant Proposal process is now closed! Thank you to all that applied. All applicants will be notified on whether or not they are invited to submit a full proposal by mid March. 

New in 2020 – The DTA Foundation and Santa Fe Group have partnered to begin a DTA Foundation – Santa Fe Group Oral Health Innovation Scholars Program.

The DTA Foundation – Santa Fe Group collaboration will focus on innovations that will improve the health of the US population through improved access to and use of oral health services. Data from the ADA Health Policy Institute have demonstrated that adults between aged 18-64 years have decreased their use of dental services. By funding programs to broaden literacy on oral health’s impact on overall health, this collaboration has the potential to expand demand and increase access to oral health care.

To be chosen as a scholar, applicants must follow the same guidelines and eligibility criteria as any other DTA Foundation grant applicant. They will have the option in the preliminary proposal process to choose if they wish to be considered for the DTA Foundation Ignite Innovation grant or the DTA Foundation – Santa Fe Group Oral Health Innovation Scholar grant. While Applicants may choose to be considered for both grant types, they may only be awarded one $25,000 grant per project, regardless of grant type.

Interested in submitting a 2020 preliminary grant proposal? Click here to be added to our e-mailing list! The full Eligibility and Guidelines can be found here


Eligibility & Criteria

Preliminary proposal summaries are welcome from, but not limited to, dental organizations, dental schools, universities, government and/or community based groups for programs located in the United States and its territories. Applicants must be a legal non-profit entity.

Evaluation of Preliminary Proposal Summaries

The DTA Foundation’s priority is to award grants to projects that can leverage additional funding and expansion in other geographic areas. Programs that are solely local in scope and do not appear to be reproducible nationally or over a greater population, thus limited to attracting additional outside funding for future years, are considered outside the scope of current funding parameters.

Applicants will be invited to submit a full grant application to the Grants Committee based on the following areas:

DTA Foundation Ignite Innovation Grants and DTA Foundation - Santa Fe Group Oral Health Innovation Scholars Grants:

  • Innovation, originality, and creativity
  • Ability of program to attract additional funding following pilot completion
  • Sustainability of the program past the funding period
  • Ability to use project as a model program for expansion in other geographic areas
  • Ability of program to address the core purpose of the DTA Foundation
  • Potential impact on target audience or goal

We do not fund:

  • Existing/ongoing dental clinics
  • Ongoing projects
  • Mobile dental vans
  • Staff salaries (unless it is a new position that is part of a new innovative project)


Need More Information? Check out our podcast mini-series!



The DTA Foundation has awarded just over $2.4 million dollars in grant funding to 109 innovative projects designed to increase access to oral health care since the inception of the grant program in 2002. Past recipients have used DTA Foundation seed money for innovative programs designed to improve the access to and productivity of the oral health care system, leveraging more than $25 million in additional funding for these promising projects.