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Butler University

Effects of Video Modeling to Improve Oral Health of Those with I/DD

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Special Needs
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Grant Type: 
DTA Foundation

Mouth care provision in nursing homes is virtually uncharted territory, despite its important association with resident quality of life, morbidity and even mortality.  In some nursing homes as many as 80 percent of residents do not even receive daily tooth brushing. The DTA Foundation grant funded Mouth Care Without A Battle (MCWB): Improving Oral Health Care for Older Adults in NYS (New York State).  This project will implement an evidence-based program to improve the access and quality of dentistry services for vulnerable older adults with dementia in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This pilot program will use the innovative MCWB training program to improve the practice of daily oral care provided by direct care and oral screening nursing staff. The project will impact an estimated 1,660 older adults.

The following objectives will be achieved over a one year period:

  1. Recruit as many as 15 nursing homes and five assisted living facilities to participate in a one-day train-the-trainer program.
  2. Implement the Mouth Care Without A Battle train-the-trainer program for an estimated 40 facility lead trainers.
  3. Facility trainers will implement the MCWB four-module training for an estimated 695 nurses, certified nursing assistants, home health aides and personal care aides.

Conduct a formal evaluation at the three and six month period to determine the impact of the training program on daily oral care, and provision of a final report, Mouth Care Without A Battle: The Impact of A Pilot Program on Improving Oral Care for Older Adults with Dementia in NYS by Sept. 30, 2016.