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Children's Dental Health Project

Messaging for Oral Health Coverage

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DTA Foundation

“State-based children's and health advocates are in a unique position to influence policymakers, including their members of Congress and state officials (legislators, Medicaid officials, etc.). Using the message testing that we completed, CDHP seeks to identify state-based advocacy partners to tailor those messages to their communities. Through collaboration with state advocacy partners, CDHP will augment the process with state-targeted message testing. These findings will be used to develop infographics and/or social media messages to raise the visibility of oral health and communicate the need to stabilize oral health payment/coverage for families. While we seek funding to work with one state, CDHP is currently recruiting additional funders to further expand these activities to multiple states. As we move from state to state, CDHP will seek to learn lessons that can refine our strategies to improve the odds of success and create a consistent visual presence across the country.”