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Center for Disability Services, Inc.

Oral Hygiene Apparatus for Individuals With Disabilities

Project Type: 
Special Needs
Amount Awarded: 
Grant Type: 
DTA Foundation

“LQSI's engineering team is developing a simple, safe, effective in-mouth apparatus that is an alternative to a hand-held toothbrush and requires minimal hand strength and dexterity. This new and innovative approach will not only help current individuals with disabilities, but the future lives of all who, one day, may become disabled because of illness, accident or from aging. The goal is to produce a highly effective oral hygiene product that will assist in healthy brushing to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, reduce potential future healthcare costs, and foster higher quality lifestyles and independence for individuals with disabilities or chronic medical conditions. This product will be marketed not only for the consumers served at the Center, but will be made available for other individuals with disabilities nationally and globally as well.