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Dr. Angie's Dental Health Exchange

Phase II Piloting the Program

Project Type: 
Low Income Patients
Pay it Forward
Amount Awarded: 
Grant Type: 
DTA Foundation

The Dr. Angie's Dental Health Exchange (DADHE) links low-income adults in need of dental care to community dental care providers who will provide care at no cost in exchange for volunteer service by qualified patients at not-for-profit organizations. The DADHE works closely with ER staff who refer qualified patients to the program which assists them in seeking appropriate volunteer service and assigns them to a dentist to obtain a permanent solution to their dental pain. Qualified patients will attend a one-hour patient education program and receive one-on-one oral health instructions, complete required community service, and receive treatment from assigned dentist. DADHE will gather and collect patient information, conduct patient education and counseling, manage the solicitation of nonprofit organizations for volunteer opportunities and coordinate appropriate service for each patient, coordinate the scheduling appointments for patients, solicit dentists and other dental providers, work with ERs regarding the program, and collect data and disseminate outcomes. Dentists will treat a specified number of patients in their office, provide patient information electronically, and provide follow-up treatment if needed.