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Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center Inc.

Oral Health Education and Peer Ambassador Program for Low-Income Seniors

Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center Inc.
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DTA Foundation

“The grant would allow us to design and test a post-treatment oral health education class, one of the first of its kind, and create an Oral Health Peer Ambassador Program to add to the continuum of our holistic services. As a learn-and-do organization, the SDC will pilot the post-treatment class to address issues identified in our first year of operations. This post-treatment class will not only give them the opportunity to interact with our staff on clinical issues but also foster peer-to-peer dialogue and support. Given our commitment to restoring oral health, we want to ensure that our patients have the support, knowledge, and skills needed to maintain their dental health between the time they finish their treatment plan and come in for their six-month recall visit. Seniors that complete the full cycle of oral healthcare services, will then be asked to join an Oral Health Peer Ambassador Program to help incoming patients learn about and navigate their oral healthcare. The post-treatment class will be evaluated using a participant survey on pre- and post-knowledge and class feedback. We will evaluate the number of unnecessary follow-up visits scheduled before and after the pilot of the class. The goal of the Peer Ambassador Program is to meaningfully engage seniors in promoting oral health among their peers and community. The post-treatment class and Peer Ambassador Program will become integral parts of our oral health prevention program, which we plan to replicate in off-site locations, thus providing care for more seniors and in varied settings.”