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Oral Health America

Older Americans Health Screening Project

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DTA Foundation

“Nascent efforts in several states suggest that OHA can rally organizations and ensure that when the 2026 reauthorization is at hand, that we have seized the opportunity to implement what we have advocated for--providing older adults increased access to oral healthcare. Our proposed project has several phases: 1) Survey and select a state, with optimum conditions for the pilot; 2) Select a state-level principal investigator to work with OHA in organizing local constituents from various disciplines to lay out the pilot plan; 3) Conduct the pilot utilizing the Basic Screening Survey (BSS), developed in 1999 by the Ohio Department of Health and American Society and State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD); and 4) Analyze results and disseminate information about the model for adoption/recalibration at the state and community level.”