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Pennsylvania Head Start Association

The Pennsylvania Age One “Connect the Dots” Pilot Project

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DTA Foundation

The Pennsylvania Age One "Connect the Dots" Pilot Project will provide professional continuing education for dentists and dental hygienists through training and support for implementation to meet national practice standards. The Phase 1 "Train-the-Trainer" component provides training and continuing education credits for at least five "Dentist Peer Presenters" to present the Age One "Connect the Dots" content to their peers. In Phase 2, a maximum of 15 two-hour trainings will be delivered by the "Dentist Peer Presenters" to a total of 150 dental providers, granting continuing education credits. After the training, follow-up support for implementation will be given by email and/or telephone to each clinical site (dental office practice) who sent a representative to the Age One "Connect the Dots" Training. Evaluation of training effectiveness will be measured by pre/post-test questionnaire. Training evaluations will be used to improve the materials for eventual replication in a recorded webinar format.