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Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

Books, Brushing, and Bedtime (BBB)

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Books, Brushing and Bedtime (BBB) is an innovative, pediatric dental clinic-based literacy intervention project. This project uses the pediatric dentistry anticipatory guidance discussion as an opportunity to promote healthy bedtime routines, specifically brushing a child's teeth with fluoridated toothpaste and discouraging putting children to bed with a bottle of juice or milk, as well as establishing positive literacy habits such as reading at bedtime. Families with a child between the ages of 12 months and 60 months participating in this project will be given a new, dental-related children's book at every recall appointment. 

By the time the child begins kindergarten, he or she will have received a maximum of nine and a minimum of two books that provide healthy dental messages. The focus of all recall dental appointments will be a combination of oral health and positive literacy messages. By the conclusion of the BBB Program, our goals for the caregivers include the following: 1) Increase healthy bedtime routines, specifically brushing their children's teeth before bed and reading a bedtime story 2) Increase oral health literacy 3) Maintain routine dental care visits for their children 4) Have children with decreased incidence of dental decay and 5) Have children with an increased preference for reading.