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University of Maryland

Passport to a Healthy Mouth for Me and My Baby

Project Type: 
Pregnant Teens
Amount Awarded: 
Grant Type: 
DTA Foundation

The purpose of this pilot project is to develop two oral health passports to assist low income gravid women and women who have children six years of age and younger make appropriate choices regarding their own oral health and that of their children. The first passport will focus on the mother’s oral health. It will teach mom what she needs to do to attain and maintain good oral health; help her understand how her oral health impacts her infant’s oral health; and, guide her to dental appointments during pregnancy. This passport will embed oral health into general health guidelines for pregnant women. The second passport will focus on the oral health of children from birth through age six. It will be a guide for mom to keep her baby cavity free. This passport will provide guidance on the importance of good oral health for her child and timing of critical oral home-care for the infant including cleaning the infant’s mouth, checking for white spot lesions on primary teeth, brushing the child’s teeth, and timing of dental visits.