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The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

Improving Oral Health and Reducing Pain Due to Mucositis in Compromised Dental Patients

Project Type: 
Research/Medically Compromised
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Grant Type: 
DTA Foundation

“There is a great need for an efficacious treatment to prevent and/or attenuate oral mucositis in susceptible dental patients. Based upon our own and collaborative experience, the protective role of surface-active phospholipids (SAPL), and specifically phosphatidylcholine (PC) to protect the stomach and lower gut from injury has previously been demonstrated in animal and human studies. We propose a pilot clinical study with dental patients to investigate the role of SAPLs and their associated proteins (SPs) in the etiology of oral mucositis/xerostomia. We will also investigate the potential role of purified soy PC to treat/prevent this condition either on its own or when complexed with the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, ibuprofen-PC, as administered as a mouthwash of a peptide of SP-B. In proposed in vitro and in vivo experiments, PIs Drs. Shawn Adibi and Walid Fakhouri at UTSD will investigate the presence of SAPLs and SPs in the gingival cells and saliva (control vs effected). In this proposal, we will assess the presence of SAPLs and SPs in the saliva of dental patients under the care of Dr. Shawn Adibi at UTSD where we plan to stratify the patients on the basis of sex (male vs female), age, medications, medical history, and smoking status. The expression level will be evaluated at Dr. Fakhouri’s lab at UTSD’s Center for Craniofacial Research. This project may lead to both an increased understanding of the role of SAPLs and SPs in the pathogenesis or oral mucositis, dry mouth, Sjogren’s Syndrome and the development of an effective and economical novel PC-based therapy to relieve these painful inflammatory conditions in the vulnerable dental patient population.”