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Virginia Oral Health Coalition

Pediatric Oral Health Advocate Program

Project Type: 
Interprofessional Oral Health Care
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Grant Type: 
DTA Foundation

Pediatricians who incorporate oral health services, such as risk assessments, fluoride varnish and dental referrals, can expand the number of children accessing early dental care and lay a foundation for a lifetime of optimal oral health. The Pediatric Oral Health Advocate Program will use a two-pronged approach to increase the number of pediatricians in Virginia who incorporate oral health into their well-child visits by providing both practicing pediatricians and students/faculty in pediatric residency programs with the skills and context to offer oral health services, such as education, assessment, fluoride varnish and referrals. Additionally, this program will maximize its educational component by training regional oral health advocates to provide Virginia-specific technical assistance to local pediatricians so they can seamlessly and efficiently integrate oral health services and billing systems. Faculty advocates within partner schools will also be trained to sustain oral health education for future classes of pediatric residents.