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Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation and Health Center

Virginia Garcia Virtual Dental Home

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DTA Foundation

“Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center dental staff have spent the last year developing the infrastructure for an evidence-based telehealth dentistry pilot program, aka Virtual Dental Home, for the children in our communities who lack access to dental care. The pilot implementation of telehealth dentistry in fall 2017 at two high-needs elementary schools in Washington County, Oregon will create a Virtual Dental Home and increase access to oral health care for at least 175 children in grades K-8. As part of this innovative pilot, a hygienist-led team, visiting each school, will act as a liaison to the dentist. Using a portable x-ray and an intraoral camera to capture a full comprehensive dental record for each child, the staff will then share the information electronically with an off-site dentist. The dentist will review the patient’s information, via the virtual exam, and determine whether the child should be treated at one of our five non-profit Virginia Garcia dental clinics or referred to an outside dental program. We expect to improve the oral health of children in our underserved communities, who don’t often get care through the traditional dental model, and will work to ensure they have a dental home with Virginia Garcia.”