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The Viscardi Center, Inc.

Project Accessible Oral Health

Project Type: 
Special Needs
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Grant Type: 
DTA Foundation

“The two-day Project Accessible Oral Health meeting is set to bring together both frontrunners and stakeholders from the disabled community, dental/medical/health care providers, academic institutions, educators, advocacy agencies, policy makers, legislators, media, social workers, administrators, insurance companies and manufacturers. Through comprehensive panel discussions, workshops, and breakout sessions, The Viscardi Center will facilitate the creation of whitepapers that will outline goals and objectives for the development of an oral health program that works to reduce disparities and expand access to care, increase the delivery of health and wellness education, and discuss best practices for early intervention and preventative treatment. Additionally, we expect our findings to be leveraged by all involved parties so that our work is a shared resource to guide and direct a universal movement to change the current state of oral health care infrastructure and capacity for this underserved population.”