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Arley Medrano

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Aseptico Inc.
University of Washington School of Dentistry

“Frowns and more frowns: my childhood photos would tell you that I was a very unhappy child when in fact I just had very crooked teeth. Fortunately, I have amazing parents that found a way to afford braces. My orthodontist took immense pride in his work and put me at ease as he performed each procedure. Interacting with Dr. Ekvall sparked an interest in dentistry that was fueled as I entered Eastern Washington University and found that I had an aptitude for medicine-related material. I shadowed dentists and volunteered at a dental clinic in my hometown of Okanogan, WA that serves many low-income individuals. It was at this clinic that I saw firsthand what a huge difference a good dentist can make in a person’s life,” Medrano said.