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Brian Lehigh

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation
University of California Los Angeles School of Dentistry

Mr. Lehigh left a career as a chemist to go to dental school where he became involved in several community projects including one where he had a chance to work with veterans at the VA Dental Clinic in Los Angles. It was the first of many community service projects he became involved in at UCLA.

“All of these projects require a lot of work, but I do them because it is exactly what I was looking to do when I changed my career from chemistry to dentistry,” he said. “I can directly make a measurable difference in peoples' lives, and I am happy to do it. I find it personally rewarding and feel good about being able to make a positive difference in my community. The community service projects that I develop tend to benefit everyone involved, which is a key reason why they succeed. They are beneficial for me because I choose projects that I care about and am willing to devote considerable time and effort toward making them work. I get great personal reward from being able to develop a project from conception to execution and have fun solving problems that arise by thinking creatively about solutions.”