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Chelsea Wong

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation
University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry

Ms. Chelsea Wong came highly recommended by the faculty at the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry. She is involved in the Oral Health and Education Program-Tenderloin Community School, Camp Mendocino of the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, the Science and Education Partnership, and the Painting Healthier Smiles Project among others.

Ms. Wong independently started an oral health education program at the Tenderloin Community School located in the high-crime neighborhood of the Tenderloin in San Francisco. She was responsible for applying for a three-year grant from the Bernard Osher Foundation in order to fund the educational activities. She contacted various teachers at the Tenderloin School, and Mrs. Stacy Joe was the most enthusiastic about the program. With funding from Osher, she visited Mrs. Joe’s third grade class 3 to 4 times per quarter and taught them about dentistry and science topics. For the next two years of dental school, she plans on continuing to teach Mrs. Joe’s third grade classes.

“I would like to incorporate community service into my full time dental career by volunteering at outreach events on the weekends with student organizations, just like how my supervising UCSF dental faculty are doing right now at the outreach events that I organize,” said Ms. Wong. “I would also like to take a couple days during each week to teach at UCSF and continue to give back to others in my community. With a background as a TA, I love explaining concepts to others, and in my full time dental career, I plan on coming back to UCSF one day and giving back to others through education.”