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Jasma’ Leah McDonald

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation
Meharry Medical College

Ms. McDonald grew up with the nickname Miss Tiger Teeth because of the misaligned maxillary canines that protruded from her gums. When she received braces in eighth grade she finally felt comfortable enough to raise her hand in class, make friends and allow herself to smile. She utilizes those memories to solidify her commitment to community service dentistry.

“I plan to utilize my DDS in its fullest extent, serving and providing dental services to those in under-served areas, such as the city I grew up in,” she said. “Practicing in a big city where the needs of people are already met has never been a dream of mine. I want to go to the places where I am needed, where my works and efforts can make a difference and I believe that this scholarship can help me to do just that. Aside from working within the realms of my practice, I have several community outreach programs that I would like to implement. My first initiative would be to serve local schools and provide dental education and preventative services. I would also like to work with local nursing homes providing dental screenings and geriatric care. In addition, I hope to extend my services to the community health clinic. These are just a few things that I have observed from volunteering and assessing the needs of those within my community. Wherever I practice I plan to serve the needs of that community. I will strive to build a bridge within the community, connecting health care providers and those in need.”