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John Morgan Buie

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation
Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

Mr. Buie is a Texas native who knows first-hand the importance of helping communities that do not always have access to low-cost, quality oral health care.

“My brother, who has down syndrome, goes to a school for special needs children and recently they have been trying to get a low-cost health clinic set up in the area that serves people with special needs,” he said. “As soon as my parents told me about this development, I decided that this is my future. The health professionals trying to get this clinic set up do not have a dentist yet and so I figured that there isn’t a better opportunity for me as a future prosthodontist to give back to the community in a permanent way here in Texas than to help get this effort started. I figure that there’s no one who would be a better leader of a team of dentists for a population of people that often need specialist care and it’s a role I’m looking forward to helping with in