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Joseph DePalo

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation
Harvard University School of Dental Medicine

Mr. DePalo took inspiration from his mother who once told him to be selfless, be humble and be for others. That message has helped guide him in his many community service projects throughout his years as a student.

“Each and every year I strive to grow in my commitment to serving others,” he said. “I began as a curious undergraduate just looking to learn a thing or two about what it means to give back to those less fortunate, grew into an inspired student willing to create a new service program to fill an unmet need, and for the past two years have become a leader of a large service program. Going forward, as I continue to gain clinical knowledge and skills, I am confident that I will begin to blend these new skills with my lasting desire to give back to the community. I now find myself on a career path towards pediatric dentistry with the ultimate goal of working in an underserved community with at-risk patients. I am ardently committed to remaining that humble and selfless individual and making service the focal point of my career for years to come.”