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Queenate Ibeto

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Dr. Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Fund/Crown Seating
Howard University School of Dentistry

Even with her academic success and a thriving career in the pharmaceutical industry, Ms. Ibeto needed a challenge—the kind that only came with helping those who needed it most and dentistry seemed to fit that perfectly.

“At this point in my life, community service is a part of who I am,” she said. “Prior to coming to dental school I was very active in my community because I have a love and a passion for helping people. When I become a full time dentist this is a strength that I plan to continue to propel forward. I understand that oral healthcare habits begin at the child level and parent education is critical to insure that these habits are being executed at home. I want to develop a strong relationship with the school board and organize a group of dentists who share the same values to go into the elementary schools quarterly and teach children about oral healthcare. This is something that can continue throughout my career and ultimately have a lifelong impact in reducing oral healthcare disparities.”