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Robert Atwell

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine

“After gaining experience as a general dentist for a number of years, I am excited by the idea of founding my own non-profit organization to provide care in an area in need. It is for this reason that I pursued an education in social entrepreneurship during dental school,” he said. “As oral health care professionals, if we are truly seeking to improve oral and systemic health, knowledge of society and culture is necessary. It is in this aspiration that I hope to draw upon my foundations as a bioengineering graduate. My engineering professors always stressed the power of viewing problems not as obstacles, but opportunities. There is a definite need for dental care in parts of our own country, and in developing nations. This is a call to action for dentists especially and will not improve on its own. Creating a culture that values oral health, in a population who presently does not, is a multifactorial challenge for any practitioner. I am confident that I have the passion and potential to reach these populations and am eager to maximize my potential.”