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Stephanie Ahn-Kieu Nguyen

Scholarship Type: 
DTA Foundation/Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation
LECOM School of Dental Medicine

“Moving forward after graduation, I intend on continuing my community service pledge and remembering that there is still so much more work to be done,” Nguyen wrote in her application. “I want to organize and participate in events, such as Give Kids a Smile Day, Project Christmas Smile, and Mission of Mercy, to provide treatment to those who cannot afford dental care. I also want to plan other projects regularly on weekends in which my future staff and I can volunteer a few hours of our time in a soup kitchen or attending a charity race. In addition, I want to contribute to the education of future dental students and serve as an adjunct faculty of a dental school to positively influence and guide them to become respectable dentists. With this position, I will be able to give back to a great program and teach prospective students the prime morals and values of being a good dentist and a great person. Finally, my absolute dream to best incorporate community service into my dental career would be to continue and expand Delta Alpha Phi to other schools at a national level. This philanthropic organization was formed with the intention of eventually becoming a community service fraternity for professional students in all fields, not just dentistry. Having members from all different fields will bring people of diverse backgrounds together through the membership of this organization and increase the number and variety of service projects accomplished in the community.”