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Water Pik, Inc.


Manufactures innovative personal and oral health care products.

Whip Mix Corporation


Whip Mix Corporation is manufacturer of dental lab products such as Gypsum, Investment, Atriculators, Equipment, Waxes, Liquids and Furnaces.

Yates Motloid


Yates Motloid is an ISO 9001 and 13485 certified company that has been providing solutions to dentists and the dental lab market segment for over since 1949. All products have been developed, manufactured, tested, approved and used by many of the leading dental schools throughout the world.
Our most popular product, ColdPac Tooth Acrylic is the preferred choice of dental labs, & has been highlighted in many publications. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry found Coldpac tested with significantly less marginal discrepancy when compared to other leading brands. The book Clinical Cases in Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry named Coldpac tooth acrylic "The perfect temporary crown and bridge material."

Practice Sales
Orthodontic Products
Crown and Bridge
Composite Resin Products
Impression Materials
Laboratory Equipment
Dental Laboratories
Crown and/or Crown and Bridge Materials
Burs/ All Types
Crown and Bridge/Removable
Filling Materials and Accessories Implants and Accessories
Polishing Material
Separating MediaSolvent Cleaner

Young Innovations


Young Innovations develops, manufactures and markets supplies and equipment used by dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and consumers. Our portfolio of brands includes products that hold leadership positions in the preventive, restorative, orthodontic, endodontic and diagnostic segments.

Endodontic Rotary Systems
Evacuation System Cleaners
Digital Imaging
X-Ray Machines and Accessories
Protective Coverings
Endodontic Instruments and Supplies
Fluoride Varnishes
Hygiene Instruments
Pedodontic Products
Prophy Angles
Prophy Paste
Sterilizing and Disinfecting Solutions
Restorative Materials and Accessories
Asepsis Products
Burs/ All Types

Zirc Company


Zirc manufactures economical and innovative dental products to help with procedural organization and sterilization in the dental practice. By implementing a color code system, dental offices can set up their procedures the day before saving on prep time and they are able to recognize their procedures with color identification for instant access. A material management system can help a practice organize their materials from procedure execution through the sterilization process. Most of Zirc's products contain an antimicrobial additive called Microban, which helps prohibit the growth of bacteria.

Operating and Accessories
Sterilizing and Disinfecting Solutions

Zoll Dental


Zoll-Dental has been manufacturing top-quality dental hand instruments since 1990. Since our founding, this company has expanded each year, incorporating new instruments into our product line while maintaining the high-quality service that our customers have come to expect.
Zoll-Dental sells directly in the US, and this means two things for our customers: selection and value. By selling directly, Zoll-Dental is able to offer a wide variety of patterns, including many hard-to-find instruments. Selling directly also allows Zoll-Dental to operate with lower overhead and to avoid distributor markup, which in turn allows us to offer our customers substantial savings.

Zyris, Inc.


Zyris Inc. is the new evolution of Isolite Systems, which was founded to market a revolutionary, easy-to-use solution for dental isolation. This growing company is committed to providing innovative products that create and enhance a positive dental experience for both patients and clinicians.
Zyris Inc. is a U.S. registered medical device manufacturer that specializes in dentistry. We manufacture and actively sell three award-winning solutions for dental isolation and control of the oral environment worldwide, Isolite, Isodry and Isovac.

Evacuators and Evacuator Systems
Instruments/Operating and Accessories
Lights/Operating (Intra and Extra Oral)