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Compromise Amendment Sways Members of the House Freedom Caucus

The conservative House Freedom Caucus that helped derail the GOP’s effort last month to repeal Obamacare has formally endorsed a revised version of the American Health Care Act, potentiality giving it new life. It remains to be seen how moderate Republicans will view the compromise.

The new enthusiasm stems from an amendment, brokered by Congressman Thomas MacArthur (R-NJ-03). The compromise would allow states to opt out of federal insurance regulations requiring insurers to cover a list of "essential benefits" and not to charge different amounts to individuals of the same age.

Changes to the bill may also make it harder to pass the Senate. According to leading budget experts, the proposal could face problems under Senate budget rules. If the Congressional Budget Office can't score the provision, opponents could argue that it doesn't have a fiscal impact and not allowed in a budget reconciliation bill under Senate rules. If so, the compromise would be dead.


By Patrick Cooney, The Federal Group, Inc.
Legislative Representative, Dental Trade Alliance