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Congress Has Full Agenda for September

House Republican leaders told lawmakers to expect a full September, beginning with action on an eight-bill appropriations omnibus to fund the government and a fiscal 2018 budget aimed at laying the groundwork for a tax code overhaul.

The schedule, laid out by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), calls for lawmakers to begin appropriations work shortly after returning Sept. 5. Floor action on the budget is expected to follow shortly afterward, possibly as soon as the week of Sept. 11. Also on tap in September will be a measure to raise the federal debt limit.

The ambitious September schedule reflects how little time lawmakers have to fund the government, raise the debt limit, and prevent twin fiscal crises when they return from recess. Government funds run out Sept. 30. The debt ceiling also is expected to be addressed around the same time.

By Patrick Cooney, The Federal Group, Inc.
Legislative Representative, Dental Trade Alliance