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Fall 2017 CEO Update

We welcome autumn in the usual fashion–waiting on Congress to act on a number of important issues. We’ve all watched as the high-level issues such as health care repeal and reform as well as tax reform top the headlines, but there are other key issues that demand their attention before the end of 2017.

One critical issue is reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This program expired on Sept. 30th. However, many states will continue paying for services as long as their money lasts. This program provides health and dental services for more than nine million children who don’t qualify for Medicaid and don’t have private coverage. Ending this program would be devastating to the  health of these children. We have joined several groups urging Congress to “get off the dime” and act to continue this valuable program.

Of course, we are waiting till the last minute to learn the fate of efforts to repeal the medical device tax–or continue the suspension. We will likely go right to the wire on this one as well. The other issue is modification of the sunshine act requirements. We are cautiously optimistic that some change is possible.

Finally, I look forward to seeing most of you at our annual meeting next month. It looks like we will set a new record for attendance. We’ve already sold out the hotel. If you need help with housing, you should contact us immediately.

Thank you all for your support in 2017!

By Gary Price, DTA President and CEO