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In today’s competitive environment, every DTA member is working harder to reach their business goals. We understand how mentoring and leadership training, as well as professional and workforce development, can help you do just that. We are proud to introduce DTA’s new Dental Industry Business Essentials program, a series of innovative and scalable programs that will help DTA members grow and operate effectively.

The medical device excise tax on sales is equivalent to raising the corporate income tax to as much as 50 percent. Calculate this for your business and let your U.S. Representatives and Senators know how you feel. Click here for a sample letter that you can use to reach out to your representatives and senators to let them know how you feel about this tax.

Because of your donations to the DTA Foundation, residents at long-term care facilities will better understand the importance of oral health care and receive improved dental care.

The American Medical Directors Association is using a DTA Foundation grant to create an Oral Health for Long-Term Care Residents Toolkit to educate residents and help staff at long-term care facilities create a comprehensive oral health program. This program will include an oral health champion, formalized policies and procedures about residents’ oral health self-care, screening procedures and routinized referral mechanisms.

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Since starting last August, the Ad Council's 2min2x campaign has become increasingly visible in the public eye with a variety of television PSAs, radio spots, and print advertisements.  The Sunday edition of The New York Times recently featured an advertisement for the campaign and billboards such as the one above have been spotted around major metropolitan areas.  With the campaign still in the early stages, we expect many more creative efforts to come.  

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At the end of January, the Dental Trade Alliance and several representatives from its member companies met with FDA Dental Branch staff. This was the second year that FDA had agreed to meet with DTA and industry representatives. These meetings are part of ongoing communications between the two groups about regulatory changes. As always, there was much to discuss including: 510(k) submissions, electronic 510(k) submissions, gray market products, radiological concerns about pediatric patients, fluoride, dental amalgam, and new regulatory rules or changes.

Excerpted from the Nov. 2013 Issue of Mentor

As a sales representative, you may have fielded questions from dental teams about the impact of health care reform’s Sunshine Act, which requires medical device and/or supply manufacturers to report to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, payments or transfers of value to dentists and dental educators. To help you better answer these inquiries, the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) has created this seven-point guide.

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Excerpted from the Dec. 2012 issue of First Impressions

Like many of you, the Dental Trade Alliance is getting ready for a busy 2013 and figuring out what trade shows we’ll be able to attend. In general, trade shows have value. You have the opportunity to make new contacts, strengthen relationships and discover opportunities. The flip side of that coin is that attending trade shows carries a high cost in terms of time and money.

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No senior should have to suffer the pain of oral health problems when that discomfort can be minimized or eliminated. Motivated by that belief, registered dental hygienist Michelle Vacha founded Senior Mobile Dental in Colorado to serve seniors in their homes and gathering spots.

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Thanks, in part, to a $25,000 DTA Foundation Grant, Kids Smiles is partnering with The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to provide oral health education at the soon-to-be-built medical facility, which is anticipated to serve 3,500 children each month.

A skilled community educator will be available at the hospital’s waiting room and will use award-winning curriculum to teach children of all ages and their families about oral health care with lessons that are age-appropriate and culturally sensitive.

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Recently, we sat down with DentalEZ International Sales Manager, Francisco Rodriguez, to find out a little bit more about a member who has been showing at the DTA Preview Show for more than 20 years.

What is it about the Preview Show that is unique compared to other options during the Midwinter Meetings in Chicago?

It is an event for both our customers and potential new ones that is more specifically targeted to the international market.