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To better advocate for you, the DTA has arranged a face-to-face meeting with the FDA Dental Branch Division later this month (December 2012) to discuss a variety of hot topics including 510(k) submissions, gray market products, the Unique Device Identification (UDI) system for the medical device industry, pedigree, pediatric X–ray and other important industry topics. UDI is scheduled to begin implementation in 2013.

On December 5, the IRS published the final rule on the implementation of the medical device tax. You can find the full text here. You may also find additional IRS guidance which discusses specific issues including convenience kits. We have just begun reading the final rule and will provide more information soon.

Fourteen dental industry female executives gathered prior to the 2012 DTA Annual Meeting for a chance to get to know each other better and to share their experiences in the business world.


Day Three of the Annual Meeting proved to be both educational and exciting for attendees.  Today's main speaker, UVA's Jeanne Liedtka, discussed ways members could grow their businesses, highlighting in particular the importance of innovation in this process.  Kevin Henry has more on her presentation here.  Later in the evening, members were treated to a humorous presentation by PGA announcer, David Feherty.  The DTA's Live and Silent Auctions also took place that evening.  Thanks to the generosity of many of our member companies, attendees were able to bid on everything from sports memorabilia to advertising space in prominent dental publications.  One of the auction's biggest highlights was private golf outings and a chance to bid on donations of toothbrushes.  Thanks to everyone who bought something or bought a chance to pull special bottle of wine to enjoy in Napa!

On Day Two of the DTA Annual Meeting, attendees learned about strategies for innovation and renovation from Sergio Zyman.  On hand for this was Dental Economics' managing editor, Kevin Henry, who shared some of his thoughts on Sergio Zyman's presentation.  

Despite the tumult on the East Coast, the Annual Meeting opened on a series of high notes.  The most notable of these was a surprise appearance by PGA Hall of Famer and designer of the Silverado's world-renowned course, Johnny Miller, who welcomed attendees to the Annual Meeting.  Also taking place that evening was a reception for many of DTA's newest members, a wine pull, and a presentation of gifts from DTA CEO, Gary Price, to Perry Lowe (Axis Sybron), for his year of service as Chairman of the DTA Board.

2012 Annual Meeting Hurricane Update

Dear Colleague,

We express our concern for all of you experiencing problems with the hurricane on the east coast.  Please stay safe through this storm.

Many of you who planned to attend the DTA meeting in Napa are having a difficult time with flights out of the storm area. We understand that many of our east coast members will not be able to arrive for the start of the meeting but our meeting is still on and we expect a large crowd from those areas not affected by the hurricane. If you can arrive late be assured we are holding a place for you at the meeting. If you find you cannot attend, please call Silverado Resort directly (707-257-0200) to cancel your room reservations. We will keep you updated on the meeting through our website and Facebook.

Best wishes and safe travels.


P.S. Please note that note due to the storm's impact on the Washington, D.C. area, the DTA Office may be closed until Wednesday, October 31 at the earliest.  We still have access to our voicemail, however, so please do not hesitate to call.

Recently, we sat down with Wells Fargo Practice Finance President Allison Farey to find out a little bit more about one of our newest members.

Why did Wells Fargo decide to join the Dental Trade Alliance?

Wells Fargo joined the Dental Trade Alliance to engage with the members and get the group’s perspective on the state of the dental industry, the future of the industry, the economics of the industry and to be a good source through our years of experience in lending to the dental industry.  We believe we can be of value in having discussions and helping to shape the industry.  

UPDATE: The FNIDCR Industry Roundtable was a great success. Click here to view a brief summary of what was discussed.

The Dental Trade Alliance is proud to announce that it will sponsor the industry roundtable, a new feature at the Friends of National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research 2012 Annual Conference Dec. 6 in Washington, D.C.

“The goal (of the roundtable) is to drive awareness amongst the oral health community of the role that industry plays in the success of Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs), by sharing our participants’ viewpoints and focus on challenges and opportunities in translational research,” said NIDCR Industry Roundtable Chair Dr. J. Leslie Winston, global oral care professional and scientific relations director at Procter and Gamble Company.

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Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives supporters celebrated the successful first month of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths Ad Council campaign, also known as 2Min2X, on Sept. 19 with a rally on Capitol Hill.

DTA CEO and President Gary Price joined with Congressional representatives, staffers and industry members to champion the campaign, which emphasizes the importance of brushing two minutes, twice a day ( The campaign has already made a splash in the national news media with additional radio, television and print coverage appearing daily. Everyone in attendance received information about the Kids’ Healthy Mouth campaign and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives.