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Dental Trade Alliance Foundation Awards Nearly $200,000 in Grants

The grant recipients are:

  • Virginia Dental Association Foundation - $25,000 for the Give Seniors a Smile: Preventive Dental Care in Long-Term Care Facilities pilot program that will to show how routine dental hygiene services can reduce health care costs and decrease reliance on emergency interventions, while also serving as a model for other communities seeking a solution to the lack of oral care in nursing homes.
  • The University of New Haven - $10,435 for the Your Mouth is the Gateway to Good Health program which will improve the health of an under-served and vulnerable older adult population and assure access to culturally competent and quality oral health services.
  • Virginia Oral Health Coalition - $21,848 for the Pediatric Oral Health Advocate program which will use a two-pronged approach to increase the number of pediatricians in Virginia who incorporate oral health into their well-child visits by providing both practicing pediatricians and students/faculty in pediatric residency programs with the skills and context to offer oral health services, such as education, assessment, fluoride varnish and referrals.
  • Children's Dental Health Project - $25,000 for the Oral Health Preventive Services by Non-Dental Providers program which aims to establish a baseline assessment by analyzing billing and treatment codes, explore the state policy differences and provider behavioral barriers that inhibit or influence provision of these services, and implement the recommendations through national and state technical assistance to expand access to dental care.
  • Bassett Healthcare Network School-Based Health Program - $25,000 for the Integration of Oral Health into a School-Based Health (SBH) program which will be a laboratory for integrating oral health services into a pediatric practice. The project focus will be: oral health assessment, fluoride varnish application, referrals to dentist as needed and treatment for students at the levels Pre-K through second grade.
  • Oral Health America - $25,000 for the Tooth Wisdom for Pharmacists: Helping Older Adults with Oral Health program, the goal of which is to create an information system designed to educate pharmacists to better serve older adults seeking information related to oral health.
  • University of Maryland - $1,641 for the Passport to a Healthy Mouth for Me and My Baby pilot project, which will develop two oral health passports to assist low income gravid women and women who have children six years of age and younger make appropriate choices regarding their own oral health and that of their children.
  • Indiana University School of Dentistry - $25,000 for the Veterans' Employability - the Dental Connection program, the goal of which is to identify and treat homeless veterans who have missing front teeth and are at a disadvantage in the job interview process especially for jobs in the public eye.
  • Dr. Angie's Dental Health Exchange - $25,000 for the Phase II pilot program which will link low-income adults in need of dental care to community dental care providers who will provide care at no cost in exchange for volunteer service by qualified patients at not-for-profit organizations.   

The DTA Foundation has awarded more than $1.3 million dollars in grant funding to more than 60 different innovative projects designed to increase access to oral health care since the inception of the grant program in 2002. Past recipients have used DTA Foundation seed money for innovative programs designed to improve the access to and productivity of the oral health care system by identifying, nurturing, and leveraging promising projects. Visit for more information.