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DTA Leads the Way on Gray Market Discussion

Continuing the focus and efforts of the 2015 DTA Future Trends Forum The Dilemma and Impact of Gray Market Product Sales, the July/August issue of Apex 360 magazine features a 23 page special report titled The Dental Gray Market.  As well as succinctly defining the Dental Gray Market in its various forms and levels, it also includes input from a diverse panel of industry experts representing manufacturing, distribution, dental laboratories  and the Dental Trade Alliance.  Contributors included DTA Executive Director, Gary Price, Vice President of Marketing/Merchandise for Patterson Dental, Tim Rogin, International Vice President for 3M ESPE, (and Future Trend Forum panelist) Simon Hearne, Chief of  Staff Executive of the National Association of Dental Labs, Bennett Napier, CAE, and Vice President and Director of Education at Marotta Dental Studio Inc., Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT.

The current Apex 360 article not only provides a timely reminder to the growing issue of the Dental Gray Market and its impact on both the integrity of the industry and the ultimately safety of the public, but also provide insight into steps the dental industry has and can take to combat this issue.  You can click here to read the feature’s interview with Gary Price on the DTA strategy to address the issue of Gray Market as the voice of the dental industry.  To read the entire special report, go to to sign in or to subscribe to Apex 360.