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Maximum Impact

Excerpted from the September 2014 issue of Mentor

A good thing turns bad when there’s too much of it. Take the example of “too much information.” Every parent wants to know what their children are up to, but they’re probably not interested to learn about the treasure that little Johnny or Susie found sifting through the kitty litter. So it goes with dental trade shows. These events can be beneficial in boosting field sales and generating leads, but the number of shows — and, in some cases, shrinking attendance — are cause for concern among manufacturers and distributors. When it comes to meetings, the challenge for dental companies is knowing which venues are producing — and which they’re better off turning their noses up at.

In today’s super-competitive climate, it’s all about discovering which exhibitions offer a solid return on investment, and then finding creative ways to leverage those venues for maximum brand-building and sales impact. And while there’s no bulletproof cost/benefit formula that works for every firm, there are strategies that can help dental companies determine the “right shows” to which they should commit their resources.

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