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Update - Syringe to Dispenser

The FDA has unofficially agreed to use the term dispenser in place of the word syringe when the item is not being used for sterile injection. This was the term DTA recommended on behalf of its members to convey the function of the device and to standardize the nomenclature in response to UDI (unique device identification) rulemaking. DTA sought input on this topic from a variety of industry representatives, DTA members, practitioners, consultants, academic and military personnel. 

The change was needed because the term syringe (as used by the dental community) has become very broad. It encompasses hundreds of devices that dispense a variety of non-sterile pharmaceuticals and medical device products. One U.S. dental distributor shows more than 500 syringe listings in their current catalog. FDA and the Center for Disease Control believe it would be in the best interest of practitioners and patients to avoid any possible confusion and develop a more descriptive term than just using the term syringe for a wide range of dispensers.