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The Future of Dental Coverage and Spending Infographic

Recently the Children’s Dental Health Project released an eye-opening infographic focusing on the future of dental coverage and its effect on spending. The graphic shows that for every 1,000 people who lose dental coverage, nearly $11,000 less is spent on dental supplies.

"The infographic shows the ripple effect if families lose dental coverage. We welcome the opportunity to work with the dental industry to protect the community at-large from potential cuts,” said Children's Dental Health Project Executive Director Meg Booth.

According to the Children’s Dental Health Project’s graphic, the Affordable Care Act resulted in 1.7 million adults purchasing dental coverage and five million gaining dental benefits through Medicaid. According to those figures, if those Americans lost their dental insurance that could mean a nearly $74 million decrease in dental supply spending.

This graphic shows how the dental industry is impacted by a decrease in dental insurance coverage. In addition to having a negative impact on Americans’ oral health, the decrease in insurance coverage of Americans would mean dentists spending less on dental supplies, which would hurt the dental manufacturing and distributing industry.

Download a PDF version of the infographic.