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Introduction to Dentistry

A Complete Dental Education Without Leaving Your Desk

The Introduction to Dentistry online training course, available exclusively to DTA members, is one of DTA’s most popular educational products. Through 17 training modules with electronic handouts, participants learn about all aspects of dentistry including its history and terminology, the dental specialties, radiology, and what it takes to operate a modern dental office. This course is great as a standalone primer for those new to the dental industry, a refresher for the dental industry professional, or as a complement to the DTA’s Mini-Dental School® programs. 

Whether your employees are on-site, located at a satellite office, or are on the road, they can access the Introduction to Dentistry program via any computer with internet access and a web browser. Each module is self-paced and tracked by the employee on their student account dashboard. Likewise, all your students can be monitored by a designated account administrator within your company to ensure employees are successfully progressing through the course modules and comprehension exams. There are education packages to fit every member’s need from the purchase of individual seats to an unlimited seats package, all at group discount rates. For more information, please visit (DTA Members Only).

Have your own Learning Management System? Ask us about integrating the DTA Introduction to Dentistry learning modules with your existing training materials. Call (703) 379-7755 or use our contact form.


Training Modules:

Mod 01: Evolution of Dentistry

This module presents an overview of the evolution of dentistry, beginning in ancient times and moving forward to the Medieval and Renaissance periods, the 18th and 19th centuries and finally the 21st century.

Mod 02: Dental Anatomy Terminology

Dental professionals use a unique vocabulary. This module focuses on dental anatomy terminology. Your ability to speak confidently will enable you to develop a close rapport with the entire dental team, understand their needs, and enable them to make informed purchase decisions.

Mod 03: The Dental Team and Office Environment

This module presents an overview of the dental team and office environment. The dental team is comprised of dentists and their support staff.

Mod 04: Dental Equipment

This module presents an overview of various dental office equipment, including their purpose and use.

Mod 05: Preventive Dentistry

This module presents an overview of preventive dentistry and introduces you to new preventive techniques and products commonly used in today's dental offices.

Mod 06: Operative Dentistry

This module presents a general overview of various instruments, materials and techniques commonly used in operative dentistry to restore the functional and esthetic viability of teeth.

Mod 07: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This module presents a general overview of the dental specialty, oral and maxillofacial surgery, which involves the diagnosis and management of diseases, injuries, and defects in the head and neck region.

Mod 08: An Overview of Cosmetic Dentistry

This module presents a general overview of cosmetic dentistry, which deals with improving the appearance of non-carious teeth using a variety of methods including veneering teeth, restoring teeth with natural appearing restorations, and whitening teeth.

Mod 09: Periodontics

This module presents a general overview of the dental specialty, periodontics, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the supporting tissues of the teeth.

Mod 10: Endodontics

This module presents a general overview of the dental specialty, endodontics, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of inflammation and infection associated with the pulp of the tooth. The most common endodontic procedure is called root canal.

Mod 11: Orthodontics

This module presents a general overview of the dental specialty, orthodontics, including the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of tooth alignment problems as they relate to the mouth and face.

Mod 12: Prosthodontics

This module presents a general overview of the dental specialty, prosthodontics. prosthodontics deals with the rehabilitation of oral function and esthetics by restoring or replacing missing teeth and other structures with synthetic replacements. It encompasses several sub-specialties including fixed, removable, implant, and maxillofacial prosthodontics.

Mod 13: The Dental Laboratory

This module presents a general overview of the dental laboratory and the primary services they  provide including creating fixed and removable prosthodontics, cosmetic restorations, and orthodontic and other appliances.

Mod 14: Infection Control

This module addresses the important topic of infection control within the dental setting as all patients are potentially infectious and universal precautions should be taken to prevent transmission of disease.

Mod 15: The Digital Dental Practice

This module presents a general overview of the digital dental practice. Technology used in the dental office has changed dramatically and has empowered dentists to deliver the highest possible quality of care.

Mod 16: Pharmaceuticals in Dentistry

This module presents a general overview of pharmaceuticals in dentistry that enable dentists to deliver significantly higher levels of patient care through pain control, treatment of oral diseases and overall patient management.

Mod 17: Dental Implants

This module covers the fast changing world of dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots used to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge or denture.